Outreach Program '21

Outreach Program 2021

SSERD Outreach Program 2020 was great successful with 10 days of Free Online Space Program. It found 20,000+ registration from over 50+ countries. The sessions are accessible even today,

SSERD Outreach Program 2020 was greatly successful with 10 days of free and exciting Online sessions. It found 20,000+ registration from over 50+ countries. With the sessions being accessible even today. With that in mind, we decided to extend our reach, and hence, this year beholds events for school and university students, Teachers, and the Common public. We plan to reach 1 Million Space Enthusiasts through this 14-days completely free Online Space Program.

School Students

A student (just like a sapling) with the right exposure to opportunities (sunlight), good source of knowledge (water) and the right platform(nutrient rich soil) develops amicable aspirations. Outreach Programme provides you that very stage to learn the mysteries of the wide Universe!


Every entity in the Universe is guided either by natural sources or in our case, amazing teachers. And to improve the guidance a student receives, Outreach Programme provides training on new methods to steer the upcoming generations.

University Students

A section(portion/segment) of your study years where exposure to the working of the Cosmos paves way to further career choices(/future ventures). Join us in the journey of exploration and understanding!

Common Public

Well, everyone deserves an opportunity to understand the working of the Universe. We are excited to welcome everyone in public with the passion to comprehend the vastness of the world we live in.

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World Space Week 2021

Celebrating one of humanity's most outstanding achievements in history, this year, focusing on the contribution of 'Women in Space'.

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Outreach 2021

Exploring and understanding the magnificence of space through excellent sessions hosted by SSERD.

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A treasure of knowledge and experience.

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Competitions foster creativity, provide valuable lessons, and inspire people to challenge themselves and achieve things they never thought would be possible.

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